Friday, April 23, 2010

from Daniel

Joshua has already started his second set of treatments and is starting to loose some of his hair. He has been taking heavy doses of Chemo. This phase of the treatments, I think, will be a little shorter than the first set.
Hopefully we will be able to be in the states to receive the rest of his medical care.
Continue to pray for our family serving in Asia!

The Fleming Clan

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Posting from Daniel in Asia

To all:
Here is a report on Joshua.
He is currently doing fine. The test results for the bone marrow test that were run on him came back good. The first set of treatments did a good job. Joshua a few days ago came down with a cold, but is doing much better. The doctors gave him medicine to keep him from catching pnemonia. He will be starting his next set of therapy treatments as soon as his cold is better. We were able to move into a better room that will be much warmer for Joshua. He is doing much better.
Susan still needs our prayers because it has been a very trying time for her as she has been with Joshua as he has been receiving medical care.
Susan's immigration paperwork is going through. The Embassy has to inform Susan when she will be able to go in for an interview.
Please pray with us in this matter.
We will continue to keep you updated.
Thanks for your prayers.
Daniel, Susan, Caleb, and Joshua

Thursday, April 15, 2010

latest update from Liz Willhite

I chatted with Matt a little this morning, and he said that Daniel has been staying at the hospital with Susan and Joshua. Susan's aunt is now staying with Caleb at home. Matt said that Joshua seemed to be doing well. The last time that he went to see him, he was laughing and playing.
I think that he is still not having treatments, but not really sure!! They are really waiting for Susan to hear from the Embassy to call and have her interview. This interview is very important, so we really need to pray that all goes well and she will be approved. If it isn't approved, then not sure what the next step will be. We are trusting that the Lord is going to work all of this out for His honor and glory.
Would also like for everyone to remember Caleb's birthday on April 29th!!! He will be 5 years old. You can email him birthday greetings I know that he will be excited to get those!!!
Also pray that we will soon get a Hospital/Doctor for Joshua once he arrives here in the states. We are working on that now, and just praying that the Lord will lead us to the right one!!!
Once again thanks so much for your continued prayers and support!!! It is so greatly appreciated by the family!!
The Fleming Clan

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today's Update

I (Liz) chatted with Daniel yesterday, and he said that Joshua would be having a shot today. This shot is to keep cancer cells from going to his brain. They wanted to do it yesterday, but Daniel and Susan would not let the doctors do this.
Also, when Joshua's blood was tested this week, the doctor was very pleased with the treatment results. The doctor said that Joshua's blood is now only 2% infected with this cancer. So we just want to thank all of you for your prayers. We know that your prayers are being heard. Isn't the Lord so good to us, sometimes, we take things like this for granted. Joshua still has a long way to go, so he still needs our prayers!! As far as the results of his bone marrow test, we don't have clear results. We are so happy with what the treatments have done thus far.
At the beginning, the doctor said that if Joshua could make it through the first 4 weeks, then the rest would be a lot easier for him. Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks since he has been diagnosed!!
The visa work is still being processsed!! The Lord is working in this area as well. So just keep praying as this is being processed. Please also remember Susan once she goes to have her interview to receive her visa. This is a very important part of being approved!!
There has been some sickness with the ones that sit with Susan while she is at the hospital. Please pray that they will heal quickly and will be able to go back and help her as she sits at the hospital with Joshua.
We sometimes forget Daniel and little Caleb. They both need our prayers as well. Daniel still continues his ministry. There are many in Daniel's church that help him take care of Caleb. Caleb is doing well!! But I am sure that he really misses his mommy and his little buddy that he has always played with.
Caleb's birthday will be coming up on the 29th of April. I am sure that he would love some birthday wishes!! You could send them to him He will be 5 years old!!
We just want to thank all of you for your prayers and concern during this time in our family!!! We greatly appreciate it!!
The Fleming Family

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another update from Liz Willhite

I was able to chat with Daniel this evening around 6pm. Joshua had the bone marrow test yesterday, but Daniel does not have the results. He will be spending most of the day at the hospital today because Susan has to do some things toward her visa work. While Daniel is there, he will be talking with the dr. He is going to find out what the results were on the bone marrow test, and hopefully some other things. Daniel was not able to be in the room while Joshua was being tested. There is only suppose to be 2 people in the room to help or do the procedure. The reason for this is because of Joshua's immune system being very low. The doctors want Joshua around the fewest of people because of his condition. They are trying to keep him from getting any kind of infection.
The dr. said that the past two weeks of therapy (treatments) has had a good affect on Joshua's body. The dr. was very pleased with the results!!! That is good to hear. Praise the Lord!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Latest news from Daniel

Caleb and I went in to see Joshua this evening after church. He seemed to be in a great mood this evening. Due to the fact of the medicine that he is on he has a appetite and was wanting to eat the whole time we were there. He has gained some weight since being in the Hospital. He is currently in a room all to himself which is great. Please continue to pray with us for him as he continues to go through all the treatments. Little Joshua has been having to go through a lot and will in the future continue to have to go through a lot. We are just trusting the Lord to make it through each and every day as always.

Daniel, Susan, Caleb, and Joshua

To all from Daniel

To all
Joshua has been taking chemo treatments every other or some times due to the fact of him being ot weak he may take treatments for one day and rest for two. I go in every day to see him. The past few days he has slept a lot due to the fact of being weak and also because through the nights he does not sleep well because the room he is in there is another little kid wakes up and cries all through the night.
Please pray for Susan as she watches Joshua because it requires much patience.
He is stuck with many needles which he does not like, but he has no other choice. He has blood test run every day some times twice a day. There has not been a day since he has been in the hospital that he has not received some type of medicine intravaniously.
Joshua is now almost half way through the first four weeks.
As soon as I have any other results I will inform you.

Daniel, Susan, and the Boys